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JSL BOLD 9000 v8.0

Blackberry Bold 9000

This Hybrid is a continuation of my well known and still unmatched hybrids. I once said that v7.0 will be the last of them, but I've come back to release another with a newer OS 5 release surfacing from RIM. I've completely outdone myself with version 8.0. I have no doubt it my mind that you will be much more than satisfied. I've also made some pretty large updates to the Hybrid Precision theme as you can see in the screen shots below.

Home ScreenApp Menu Screen

I recommend uninstalling any other OS's from your computer and running CCleaner. Run both file and registry cleaning with all options selected sans "wipe free space".


Install Procedure

• Disable phone password
• Back-up your phone using BlackBerry Desktop Software
• Connect the phone to your PC
• Run the JSL 9000 v8.0 installer package
• Wait for the device to reboot and show '507' error (signifying it's been wiped clean)
• Press 'finish' on the installer to begin the loader
• Install the hybrid to your phone
• Wait until initial boot is complete (dont touch it yet)
• Open Blackberry Desktop Software
• Selectively restore your data
• Use & Abuse as normal

App Version: / /

• Supports all languages!
• Extra backgrounds and sample music has been removed.
• All carrier garbage has been meticulously removed
• Includes JSL Precision Zen theme (v8.0)
• Included Apps:
AppWorld Icon Blackberry Appworld (v3.1.2.32)
BBM Icon Blackberry Messenger (v6.2.0.44)
Facebook Icon Facebook (v3.1.0.17)
Twitter Icon Twitter (v3.0.0.24)
FourSquare Icon FourSquare (v5.0)
Player For YouTube Icon PlayerforYouTube (v1.3.13)
Other Applications: GMail Plugin (v2.0.0.46), Documents2Go (v2.0005.105)

About Screen / Help! Screen
About ScreenHelp! Screen

The first reboot will take a longer than normal. Battery life may not be optimal until the device settles. If you installed and are experiencing issues, consider wiping and reloading before reporting a problem.

Memory, Battery, And Performance are all amazing just like my previous signature builds.
The new battery icon shows levels in increments of 10% as it is how blackberry's battery display shows the measure of the battery. If you have issues with service books go into Options>Advanced Options>Service Books and type ALT+SBEB then restore your backup again.

Known Issues:

• If using the build with platform you will get the graphical skew of the volume in the media player. This is an issue with the resources of the platform since .106 is based off the same source as .104 (which initially had the issue).

• If you are having issues with east asian languages using the platform based version, use the platform based version of the hybrid and be prepared to live with the volume graphic skew stated above.

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