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Blackberry Hybrids

Once upon a time, I got my first blackberry device after a long time using Nokia products. It was the Bold 9000, and soon I began to experiment with it, just as I had done with all the previous devices I owned. I came to know about Hybrids, the benefits and shortfalls to using them. The benefits vastly outweighing shortfalls.

I began to make my own, following in the footsteps of 'Willyboy' from the former, however I never found the current state of hybrids to be enough. I wanted to not only make the hybrid, but also make it as easy as possible for any average user to be able to install them without following the extensive and fairly involved install method of the older hybrids available; Installing a base, copying hybrid files over top, shrinking, having to manually wipe, shrink, install, make sure it installed properly, replace one or two 'cod's to make sure everything worked as intended by the hybrid's author, etc... Suffice to say, it was time consuming and an annoyance which kept many people away.

I've spent countless hours perfecting my hybrids, cleaning out useless material/streamlining them, and creating an installer package that anyone can use to install the hybrid without having to do the myriad of steps as stated in the previous paragraph to (in summary) 3 main steps.
- Back-up
- Install
- Restore

If you don't want to wipe your device, you can install the hybrid to your pc, and then install it to your device later using Blackberry Desktop Software - install without the device connected, and uncheck 'Launch JSL xxxx" at the end of the installer before clicking finish. It will recognise the hybrid and allow Blackberry Desktop software to do everything automatically for you, however, I personally recommend wiping your device to prevent problems.

JSL Hybrids designed for the 9000, 8900, 8520 run amazingly and have a proven track record of being some of the best hybrids available for these older devices.
Hybrids for other devices such as the 8530, 9530 and 9700 have also been added.
The 9700 line has been discontinued as it supports a now mature OS 6.

You can download them on their respective pages.

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